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    Tips obtained during 25 Years of experience

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    Tips obtained during 25 Years of experience

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    pagetipsPlastic Surgery, be it aesthetic or reconstructive, encompasses the close relationship between your physical image and your psychological image (your self-esteem). Think about the reason for your desire for Plastic Surgery, is it driven by a real physical need or by a need brought on by an emotional state.

    If there is a region in your body that is making you feel uncomfortable and that you wish to enhance, look for a reputable Plastic Surgeon. He or she will have the necessary conditions to evaluate whether it is possible to correct or to improve that which is making you uncomfortable.

    Consult plastic surgeons affiliated with established medical institutions, such as the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Ibero-American Federation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, or the one that may be found in your country. These doctors often participate in congresses, advanced training courses and have the knowledge and training to offer you a better result.

    Before any surgery, it is necessary for you to have a full clinical evaluation by a competent doctor, (NOT A SALES REPRESENTATIVE), to determine the state of your health. No evaluation can or should be made via E-mail, it must be in person. The doctor needs to thoroughly evaluate your current condition, your desires, and explain thoroughly the full range of possible outcomes.

    Be aware of promises of miracle results with minimum or no need for recuperation time.

    Plastic Surgery is surgery. Like any other type of physical intervention, it involves risks to your health and demands a recuperation period for your body. This is why it is important that you maximize your chances of success by acquiring the services of a reputable surgeon who operates at a fully-equipped and reputable hospital.

    Every plastic surgery has a price, which varies from one surgeon to another, and normally it depends on the professional’s experience. Surgery on your body is not an issue to try to go cheap. Save your money until you can afford the quality that you need and deserve. After all, you may be wearing the result for the rest of your life.

    A surgery brings together the experience of a professional surgeon and its team, along with a quality hospital and usage of tested materials, which means that you should expect to make an investment that is synchronous with the requirements of the job. Trying to go cheap could turn out to be expensive, financially and emotionally.

    Be careful with financing plans whose objective is their financial benefit and not your personal well-being. (Usually identified by pushy representatives eager for you to just sign a contract, and medical evaluations that take less than 15 minutes.) Remember that you are not buying shingles for your roof. Plastic surgery has to do with your physical health, as well as your emotional health, both of which should be treated with respect and care.

    If you are not in perfect health, change the surgery date. Even if it is a minor cold. Don’t rush or force the situation; first correct your health condition and then undergo the operation. You should always try to minimize the risk of unwanted outcomes, and for this reason it is imperative that you are healthy.

    Even though everything seems to be centered around the surgery. It is actually the easiest part. Your full effort and patience should be focused on your quick and full recovery. Follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter. Do everything that they ask. Fully! Don’t second guess or try to skip a step because your mother or friend say so, or because you don’t feel like it. By not following the doctor’s instructions you are not only risking the possibility of lengthening the recuperation period but also causing long-term harm to yourself.

    Depending on the severity of your surgery, have someone to look after you during the first couple or three days after your surgery. They should help get your medicines, take you to the bathroom, etc. If no one is around, hire an assistant. It will make you more comfortable and speed your healing process.

    Remember that plastic surgery involves an exchange: an unattractive region of your body becomes a harmonious region in exchange for a scar. The scar will be slightely hidden depending on the type of surgery. Speak with your surgeon to determine if the exchange will be worthwhile.

    The scarring process is individual, it varies from person to person, it is related to your genetics and is often out of the control of the surgeon. Even by using the best practices and techniques, a non-aesthetic scar may result. Remember: be aware of promises of miracle results, especially if your family history points to ideal outcomes.

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