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    For those cases when the breasts are fallen (breast ptosis/pendulous) but they still have the ideal size.


    Surgical Aspects

    The excess skin is removed and conducted to a repositioning of the breast tissue.

    Depending on the degree of ptosis (drooping) and sagging skin, the scar may be vertical, L or a small inverted T.

    This scar receives the same treatment as described in “Medical Taping” – Breast Reduction.


    Anesthetics Aspects

    Breast reduction is usually carried out under general anesthesia.

    In some cases, it can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation.

    The hospital stay is usually 12 hours.

    When the patient does not have safe conditions to return home, hospital stay is prolonged to 24 hours.


    Post-surgical Care

    A supportive undergarment is placed immediately after the surgery and it is used for 30 days, being removed only for bath time.

    Bed rest at home is recommended for 5 days, with few arm movements.

    After this period, some activities can be performed.

    Depending on the profession you can return to work, with certain limitations.

    Leading car only after 30 days.


    Personal aspects under the Female View:


    As a woman I know how important erogenous sensitivity of the breasts is. For this reason, I use to talk about this subject. Once this is relevant for the person, it is essential to use a technique that does not decrease this sensitivity, so that after the patient is operated, she can fully enjoy her surgery. Otherwise it will be frustrating to have beautiful and harmonious breasts, but without enjoying this sensuous body.

    However, there are women, whose breasts are not important erogenous sensitivity zones. In these cases, care for the preservation of erogenous sensitivity is lower.

    Medical Taping

    The scar receives a special treatment for six months to allow the resulting scar has a better quality.

    The containment through taping technique is a process to treat scar during the ripening period.

    The healing process is individual for each patient. Some heal more favorably than others. The medical taping technique helps to assist in the healing process, but it does not prevent from keloids formation, if there is the trend.

    Plastic surgery has several resources to reduce the keloid scar appearance.

    Internal Fill

    For more than 15 years I use a method which I fill with their own breast tissue the upper pole.

    Thus, the smooth result breast is preserved over the years, with no dropping effect and emptying the breast upper pole. This fact is seen a lot in reducing mammoplasty.

    This tactic is used by other colleagues too.


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    Dr. Mariangela Santiago. – CRM 45138 states that this is a spontaneous and illustrative deposition procedure performed after medical consultation and indication of surgery and all medical and laboratory exams required as CFM’s recommendation.

    Even though this one was a successful case, no conclusion can be drawn based on this evidence, moreover, as in any case of plastic surgery, medical consultation with a Plastic Surgeon Specialist is required for making any decisions

    Following the rules of the Brazilian Federal Medical Council, to illustrate the results with photos made before and after procedures is not allowed.

    Dr. Mariângela Freitas Lima Santiago
    CRM-SP 45.138 (São Paulo Regional Medical Council)
    Plastic Surgery - RQE nº 11476 | General Surgery - RQE nº 7678

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