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    The protruding ear is a deformity where the pinna (ear) is removed from the skull, creating a disharmonious aspect to the face.

    Generally, the deformity is bilateral, but may find sided.



    Between seven to eight years, when the ear reaches 90 % of its growth.


    Important advice

    Let your child communicate the willing to undergo a surgery to correct the protruding ears. Do not interfere at this decision by stimulating surgery.

    Patient will know the right time when the ears problem start causing complex.

    This attitude will allow her to go through all the discomforts after surgery, being cooperative and following instructions well.




    Surgical treatment consists of removing the ear cartilage excess and bring it to the skull. Sometimes it is necessary to reshape the natural anatomical curves of the pinna.

    Local anesthesia is usually indicated and the incision is made in the posterior fold of the ear, which makes the scar almost unnoticeable.


    Post-surgica Care

    A dressing-shaped helmet for two days is used. As this dressing helmet is removed, is necessary to use a tennis tape for 30 days, to model the cartilage in his new position (Kinesio Taping Method).


    Results and Limitations

    Special be care must be taken not to remove too much the shell of cartilage, as well as not fixing it very close to the skull, because this way another unaesthetic deformity, known as ”ear phone” could be created. Fortunately, this deformity can be corrected.

    Serious professionals work to achieve their best results since each patient takes in his ear the signature of the surgeon. However plastic surgery is an inexact science and it can’t guarantee results. Each patient has their individual organic response and personality in which the physician has no power to interfere. Therefore, some patients show better results than others.

    Following the rules of the Federal Medical Council, to illustrate the results with photos made before and after procedures is not allowed.


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    Dr. Mariangela Santiago. – CRM 45138 states that this is a spontaneous and illustrative deposition procedure performed after medical consultation and indication of surgery and all medical and laboratory exams required as CFM’s recommendation.

    Even though this one was a successful case, no conclusion can be drawn based on this evidence, moreover, as in any case of plastic surgery, medical consultation with a Plastic Surgeon Specialist is required for making any decisions

    Following the rules of the Brazilian Federal Medical Council, to illustrate the results with photos made before and after procedures is not allowed.

    Dr. Mariângela Freitas Lima Santiago
    CRM-SP 45.138 (São Paulo Regional Medical Council)
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