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    Vulva is the name given to the external anatomy of the female genital tract. The vulva includes the pubic mound, the large and small lips, the clitoris and the vaginal opening.

    In “virgin” women, or who have not had their first sexual intercourse it is found a partial membrane, the hymen, which breaks at the first intercourse. This membrane is partial in order to allow the blood outflow during the menstruation period.

    However, there are hymens called complacent; those which do not break during intercourse. The break will take place only by the birth of a child by vaginal delivery. In case birth happens through cesarean section, the woman’s hymen will continue preserved.

    It was formerly a family tradition that young girls to marry virgins, but today, with the process of women’s liberation, this tradition is disappearing. And that’s very good, it is important that women and men can sexually know their future partners and conclude whether there is sexual affinity between the young couple to avoid frustration after marriage because no previously known your partner.

    The women’s liberation process was and it is today a major achievement for women. Today, they are aware of their bodies and their desires and know what they want and expect from their partners. Thus, they seek plastic surgery to improve aesthetics of the genital region.



    Venus Mound

    The mound may be chubby and become very marked in a skirt or trousers and can thus provide embarrasses these women.


    Liposuction of the pubic mound satisfactorily correct the problem.

    The surgery can be done under local anesthesia in the clinic when the area is restricted to the mound.

    When associated with liposuction of other areas, which is very common, liposuction is done in hospital under general or epidural anesthesia, since the aspirated volume is higher.


    Venus Mound Sagging

    Venus Hill sagging occurs with aging or after weight loss. If the genital sagging is associated with sagging of the abdomen, which is very common, it is possible to correct it at the same time the plastic abdomen is performed. The mound is pulled with caution, to avoid too many statements that may affect the anatomical position of the clitoris. Any deformity in this region can impair sexual performance so it is important to take great care .


    Hypertrophy and Sagging Great Lips

    The correction of hypertrophy of the labia majora is also a process performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. A strip of fabric is removed on the outside of the labia majora so as not to remove the mucosal lining, which is lubricant to the region.

    Generally, the scar presents good quality and becomes hidden. In case of flaccidity of the labia majora, we can opt for the removal of tissue or band and then make fat grafting to give the volume lost due to sagging. Here, the process consists in removing fat from a body region and engraft within the labia majora.


    Hypertrophy or Asymmetry of the Labia Minora

    This surgery is performed in ambulatory with local anesthesia by removing excess tissue in the area.

    When there is asymmetry, only the larger side is corrected.

    The scar is hardly noticeable since we are acting in mucosal tissue, which has a very good healing process.


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    Dr. Mariangela Santiago. – CRM 45138 states that this is a spontaneous and illustrative deposition procedure performed after medical consultation and indication of surgery and all medical and laboratory exams required as CFM’s recommendation.

    Even though this one was a successful case, no conclusion can be drawn based on this evidence, moreover, as in any case of plastic surgery, medical consultation with a Plastic Surgeon Specialist is required for making any decisions

    Following the rules of the Brazilian Federal Medical Council, to illustrate the results with photos made before and after procedures is not allowed.

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