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    Why Brazil?

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    There are many answers!

    Today, Brazil is the eighth worldwide economy, as well as it is the biggest and the richest country in South America, presenting a solid stability related to political, social and financial matters.

    São Paulo is one of the five largest cities in the world. It is a city which welcomes the foreign traveler since Its population is largely descendant from immigrants.

    With medical tradition, and especially regarding plastic surgical procedures, Brazilian destinations such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife offer reference hospitals and high qualified Medicine Schools that may be so compared to the best worldwide ones.

    Among the most important hospitals in São Paulo, we can find: Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Hospital dos Defeitos da Face, Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz and Hospital Sírio Libanês

    São Paulo Airports and transportation structure are greatly satisfactory to the foreign traveler.

    Some of the best urban hotels of South America are located in São Paulo, such as l’HotelEmiliano, Palácio Tangará and Unique. There are also great offers in executive hotels and flats.

    São Paulo has one of the worldwide most diversified goods trade. As an example, it is the only big city in the world where the famous jewelry Tiffany’s has two shops. For those travelers who come from abroad and intend to shop in São Paulo, the best solution is to look for one of the several city malls, such as: Shopping Center Iguatemi, Shopping Cidade Jardim , Shopping JK Iguatemi, that bring the main international brands. Shopping Eldorado and Morumbi Shopping are also good choices.

    São Paulo’s tourism office sponsors a City-tour system. For more information, you may visit the city tourism information.

    Travel Tips:

    • Ask suggestions about the safer downtown’s regions to be visited at your hotel. Although there is a good security structure, São Paulo is a big city and for this reason, there are regions to be avoided.
    • Try to avoid excessive spicy foods. Remember that you came to São Paulo to undergo a surgical procedure. Thus, this is not the best moment for gastronomic experiences.
    • Use mobile applications to get a cab. It is easier and safer. The most used ones are 99 and Easy, which accept credit card, debt card or cash payments. Other alternatives may be Uber and Cabfy.
    • Although São Paulo has a good bus service, the information system regarding routes at the boarding points are imprecise. So, try to use application like Moovit to better use this transport service.
    • São Paulo Subway system has small number of lines, although it is comfortable and clean. Use Moovit or equivalent to know what are the better routes for you.
    • São Paulo have few information centers for tourists. Thus, it is better to get information at the hotel before you leave than going forward to those centers (there are only six of them distributed by the city). Anyway, you may find them at the city tourism Site.

    Enjoy your stay at São Paulo. You will take good memories from this city.

    Dr. Mariângela Freitas Lima Santiago
    CRM-SP 45.138 (São Paulo Regional Medical Council)
    Plastic Surgery - RQE nº 11476 | General Surgery - RQE nº 7678

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