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    Since you may be learning about our Clinic for the first time, we would like to give you a brief introduction regarding who is Dr. Mariângela Santiago, what are the services available at the Clinic and what are our objectives. These points, as well as other information contained in this site, may allow you to generate important questions which we are available to answer at the Clinic.

    Personalized Attention:

    It is important to understand that the Clinic has only one doctor: Dr. Mariângela Santiago. Here you will be personally attended by her and her team, before, during and after any surgery. Dr. Mariângela will personally discuss your needs, direct the operation and supervise the results in post-operative visits.

    Since we offer tailored services that fit your very specific needs, we fully encourage you to take advantage of any consultation with Dr. Mariângela, to discuss your concerns regarding the surgery that you are considering undergoing. Feel free to ask questions and learn about the procedures, the results obtained by other patients and the ‘technical’ details regarding scars, recuperation times, medicines, etc. Her replies will be honest and based on 25 years of experience in Plastic Surgery.

    A few Highlights regarding Dr. Mariângela Santiago:

    • She is a fully licensed and accredited Doctor and Surgeon, specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
    • Since 1995, she has been an instructor of Plastic Surgeons at the prominent Brazilian hospital for facial defects, Hospital dos Defeitos da Face.
    • Her work has been published in scientific journals and she has written chapters in a range of books, some of which today are included as part of basic teaching materials used in the academic formation of plastic surgeons in Brazil.
    • She is frequently invited to participate in scientific panels during medical congresses. You can read about the range of topics within her Curriculum.
    • She is founder and member of a number of national and international societies that specialize in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.
    • Most importantly, during her years as surgeon, by the fact of being a woman, Dr. Mariângela has been able to perceive of a special affinity with her female patients through an understanding of their intimate physical and emotional needs and challenges, which has led her to create a philosophy known as the Feminine Vision of Plastic Surgery.

    Services offered by Clínica Mariângela Santiago:

    Here we do not attend crowds of people, just individuals. Clínica Mariângela Santiago offers personalized services that have been designed to address the requests of intelligent clients who have specific needs. Because of our attention to quality and detail, as well as excellent results, Clínica Mariângela Santiago has been recognized by both surgeons and patients, as being one of the best in Brazil.


    • Anatomical Face Lifting
    • Liposuction and Liposculpture
    • Eyelid Lifting
    • Breast Surgery (Augmentation / Reduction / Asymmetry)
    • Nose Surgery (Classic / Enlargement)
    • Abdominoplasty
    • Surgery of the gluteus (Enlargement / Lifting)
    • Under-arm lifting
    • Lifting of the internal part of the thighs
    • Ear surgery
    • Wrinkle Filling
    • Jaw surgery (Advance / Retraction)
    • Hair implant (Natural and Artificial)

    Aside from these procedures, Clínica Mariângela Santiago has at hand a range of support services that help meet the specific needs of discerning individuals, offered with privacy and discretion.

    The objectives of Clínica Mariângela Santiago:


    Dr. Mariângela Freitas Lima Santiago
    CRM-SP 45.138 (São Paulo Regional Medical Council)
    Plastic Surgery - RQE nº 11476 | General Surgery - RQE nº 7678

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