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    Non-symmetric Breasts Surgery

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    When breasts are of different size or shape, we indicate these to be non-symmetric breasts.



    We utilize the necessary technical resources on each breast so that at the end both breasts become as symmetrical as possible.

    Depending on the case, it may be necessary to enlarge one breast with a silicone prosthesis or reduce the size of the other breast by using breast reduction techniques.

    It could be the case in which it may be necessary to use two silicone prostheses of different sizes, or yet, to reduce each breast by using different techniques.


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    Dr. Mariangela Santiago. – CRM 45138 states that this is a spontaneous and illustrative deposition procedure performed after medical consultation and indication of surgery and all medical and laboratory exams required as CFM’s recommendation.

    Even though this one was a successful case, no conclusion can be drawn based on this evidence, moreover, as in any case of plastic surgery, medical consultation with a Plastic Surgeon Specialist is required for making any decisions

    Following the rules of the Brazilian Federal Medical Council, to illustrate the results with photos made before and after procedures is not allowed.

    Dr. Mariângela Freitas Lima Santiago
    CRM-SP 45.138 (São Paulo Regional Medical Council)
    Plastic Surgery - RQE nº 11476 | General Surgery - RQE nº 7678

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